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Mesh Fencing Panels

Profile Mesh

Profile Mesh is a versatile 3.00m wide V pressed beam panel fence. The design of the fence significantly increases the rigidity and strength of the panel, providing a highly secure fencing system with high visability and a pleasing appearance. Manufactured from 6mm horizontal and 5mm vertical galvanised steel wire, fully welded at each intersection. This enhances it's anti-climb resistance as hands and feet can not fit in the gaps.

Profile Mesh is 3.00m wide. This saves time and money on posts and labour, making it and ideal chioce for large projects with a small budget. Peach posts are used to affix the panels, resulting in easy and a faster installation.

Finished with a polyester powder coating (wide colour choice available) over galvanised wire.

Uniform Mesh

2-4-2 Uniform mesh is recommended as security fencing for parks, schools, playgrounds, sports stadiums, public buildings, factories and warehouses, airports, marinas, utilities : gas, water, electric and telecommunications, makes Uniform mesh security fencing an ideal choice.

The fence panels feature pressed 'V' forms containing additional 4mm diameter wires for the full panel width for strength, rigidity and sophisticated good looks whilst providing a cost-effective anti-intruder barrier.

Our Uniform Mesh is also a high quality alternative to Paladin Fencing. Other Items which are generally purchased with the Uniform mesh are Razor Wire, Barb Wire, Line Wire & Tie Wire The Prices per metre allow for 1 post to be supplied with every 3m of Uniform Mesh Fencing

Prison Mesh

Prison Mesh is ideal for high security fencing. The narrow gaps between the mesh make it impossible to climb as intruders to gain a grip with hands or feet between the mesh. This makes Prison Mesh one of the most popular products from our mesh fencing range.

Prison Mesh comes with 60 x 60 box posts as standard Prison Mesh Panels come 2.5m Wide although they are overlapped meaning that the Posts are actually set at 2.44m centres.

Roll Top Mesh

The Roll Top Mesh Fence is a panel fence system that has a rolled top for enhanced safety and rigidity as there are no sharp or raw edges. Taking into account the safety aspects Roll Top Mesh is suited to Schools, Sports grounds, Parks & Play grounds, Public premises such as hospitals.


Suitable where safety is a consideration as there are no sharp edges
Aesthetic appearance, powder coated in a wide range of colour options
Highly rigid and durable
Excellent through vision
Available as a complete system with all necessary components

Heights in excess of 1.8m can be achieved by multi-lift erection. This is where one or more panels placed above the bottom panel.

Roll Top Mesh Panels are manufactured from pre-galvanised wire and can be powder coated in your colour chioce. Roll Top Mesh comes with either Round posts or Box posts.

Twin Wire Mesh Fencing

Excellent rigid panel system increased protection against cut through, ideal for use in schools, commercial outlets and good alternative on industrial sites where other products are not suitable.

A rigid type system providing an excellent visual appearance. Its aesthetic look is especially popular with Architects where security is as equally important as appearance.

Robust and easy to install fencing systems offering an aesthetically pleasing low maintenance solution for both sports surrounds and perimeter security. The combination of height, strength and appearance makes these ideal fences for a wide range of commercial applications.

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