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The UltraFENCE Palisade Fencing System is the first complete cold rolled Security Fencing System.

Whilst still exceeding the requirements of BS1722 Pt12: 2006 it is lighter, Stronger and more economical than conventional palisade fencing systems,

As with most palisade fencing systems it is available in Galvanised or Polyester Powder Coated finishes.

Fencing is supplied in a standard range 0f 1.8, 2.0, 2.1, 2.4, 3.0 and 3.6 metre Heights.


Product Specifications and Further Information


ultraRAIL Palisade Fencing


1 Fish plate to which Top and Bottom Rail are fixed using M12 anti-vandal fixings
2 Top Rail - UltraRAIL to which plates are fixed using UltraBOLT or UltraRIVET
3 Bottom Rail - UltraRAIL to which plates are fixed using UltraBOLT or UltraRIVET
4 Standard UltraPALE
5 Fencing Post :UltraPOST
6 Concrete Foundation


UltraPALE is a new concept in steel palisade fencing; the unique design is a result of extensive research and testing. This lighter yet stronger product incorporates a unique patented bolt head protection which eliminates the opportunity to breach the fence by removing the heads of fixing bolts with a chisel. The edges of the profile are finished with a neat return edge that provides further strength and safety along the length of the pale making it ideal for use around schools etc. Pales can be supplied with a selection of heads shown below which can be used with our fencing system.

Pointed Palisade Pale Triple Pointed Palisade Pale Rounded Pale Rounded and Notched Pale

        Pointed Pale             Triple Pointed Pale        Rounded Pale    Rounded & Notched Pale


UltraRAIL has been developed using cold rolled technology and extensive testing, resulting in a unique lightweight rail that is both stronger and lighter than existing standard 45x45 or 50x50mm rails.

The aesthetic design and strength of the new profile offers many advantages:

  • Reduced sag as seem on standard rails
  • Need for 'Anti-sag legs' eliminated
  • Reduced risk of Anti-vandal fixings being tampered with
  • Standard Fish plate connections

Security features in the form of Anti-Grab tags and sloping top to discourage intruders from using the rail to assist climbing. NB: UltraRAIL are supplied without Anti-Grab tags when round top & notched pales are specified.

ultraRAIL Palisade FencingultraRail Palisade Fencing


UltraPOST is a technological break through in fence post design which has again resulted in a unique lightweight product that out performs the standard 102x44 hot rolled steel joists currently used in the palisade market

UltraPOST aesthetic design maintains the appearance of standard posts but offers many advantages:

  • Slotted to fit fish plates
  • Pierced at bottom of post to key into concrete
  • Lightweight construction for ease of handling without loss of strength
ultraRAIL Palisade Fencing

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