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Fence Posts

We offer the two main types of fence posts, Timber and Concrete to suit your fencing requirements.

Our comprehensive range of fence posts will add that professional finish to your garden fencing. Complete with post caps can add a more decorative finish to your fence.

Timber Fence Post   Cocrete Fence Post

Timber Fence Posts

Timber posts have been the traditional backyard fence support in the UK for decades and although a lot of new fence materials come on the market, demand for this type of post is still substantial.
There are now a number of post options available, because there is always an urge for customers to want something different. Complete with fence caps this type of post is in keeping with the natural feel to your fence.


A. Post Cap

B. Pressure Treated Timber Post

C. Met Post

Timber Post Specification

Concrete Fencing Posts

At Steel Fencing (Gates & Railings) Ltd we use wet cast, reinforced slotted concrete fence posts with a glass finish to 3 sides suitable for domestic panel fencing. We also supply and install Heavy duty reinforced concrete fence posts using a semi dry mix production method. This results in a slightly rougher finish than the domestic post and is used for industrial applications and maximum security requirements.

Concrete Post

Other Fencing Components

We have an excellent range of fence posts, gravel boards Post Spikes and Post Bases.

Gravel Boards provide a protective barrier between the bottom of your fence panels and the ground. Giving your fence a barrier from wet earth, your fence panels can avoid moisture and insect damage. Our Timber gravel boards are made from pressure-treated wood to prevent rotting. We also supply and install Concrete gravel boards for that ultimate support and durability.

Post Spikes and Post Bases. Our fence-post spikes & fence post bases enable us to erect your garden fencing efficiently and securely whatever the ground type and condition. Met Posts and Fencefast fence post spikes are suitable for normal soil conditions and can be driven into the ground using a fence post driver. Our Concrete range fixes fence posts directly into newly mixed concrete while the Fencebase Easy-fit fence-post base can be attached to solid surfaces with bolts.

Galvanised Cleats. Galvanised steel has a long lasting protective layer of zinc that protects the inner steel from the elements. This means our fence cleats will last for many years from fitting, whist unprotected steel cleats will last only two or three years.

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