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Mesh Fencing


Sports Mesh Fencing

Sports Mesh Fencing

Cost effective, suitable in sports grounds & schools
Designed for low impact & High visibility

Sports Mesh
Sports Mesh Fencing

Sports Rebound Mesh Fencing

Designed for higher impact and great ball rebound

Sports Rebound Mesh
Sports Mesh Fencing

VGuard Mesh Fencing

Cost effective, suitable for low to medium security needs

VGuard Mesh
Sports Mesh Fencing

Pro Guard Mesh Fencing

A riged, durable system with a high visual appearance

Pro Guard Mesh
Sports Mesh Fencing

Twin Guard Mesh Fencing

Increased protection against cutting with an anti climb structure

Twin Guard Mesh
Sports Mesh Fencing

SecureGuard +

Designed for high security and high impact

SecureGuard +
Sports Mesh Fencing

SecureGuard 358 Mesh Fencing

Highest security mesh fence, available upto 5.2m high
Anti-climb, intrusion & cut through prevention

SecureGuard 358
Sports Mesh Fencing

FastGuard Mesh Fencing

Cost effective with great ball rebound capabilities

FastGuard Mesh

Steel Fencing (Gates & Railings) Ltd manufacture, supply and install various types of mesh fencing across the UK. Our team of designers, project managers and fitters can advise you on the correct type of fencing solution to suit your requirements. With 40 years experience in the fencing business, Steel Fencing (Gates & Railings) Ltd offer the highest quality fencing to protect your property at the best price! Our team are experts in their field and can advise you on the type of fencing that is best suited to your situation.

Mesh Fencing is the ideal choice for locations requiring medium to high level security, prone to vandalism or forced entry, or where clear visibility may be require to monitor the surroundings (such as in a playground or school). As one of the most cost-effective Fencing products available, ideal for many demarcation applications. In general most mesh systems come as a rigid panel system with integrated profiled-beams, supplied complete with all the necessary components.

There a numerous types of welded wire mesh fence on the market. Please find below the available Mesh Fencing products that we can provide, alternatively contact our team who are more than happy to advise you on a suitable fencing solution to suit your needs.

Sports Bronze Mesh Fencing Sports Bronze Rebound Mesh Fencing VGuard Mesh Fencing
Pro Guard Mesh Fencing Twin Guard Mesh Fencing Secure Guard Mesh Fencing
Secure Guard 358 Mesh Fencing Fast Guard Mesh Fencing Mesh Panel Gates

Sports Mesh
A cost effective solution to general sporting applications in schools & urban sports grounds. Designed for low impact and high visibility. Powder Coated for an longer lasting protection in a wide range of colours to suit your surroundings.

Sports Rebound
Rebound panel gives an incredible ball rebound and excellent durability. For use in all sports grounds & health clubs. Typically used for low to medium security situations and often referred to as 868 Mesh and 656 Mesh dependant on wire thickness. Our Sports Rebound fencing is available in various heights and can be powder coated to any RAL colour ensuring a highly durable product.

A cost-effective mesh product, ideal for basic demarcation applications. As an unobstructive fencing solution with the ability to give clear visibility for monitoring purposes VGuard Mesh is the most popular choice when it comes to mesh fencing. All VGuard Mesh products can be powder coated to any RAL colour giving you great security and visual satisfaction.

Pro Guard
A rigid system providing excellent visual appearance and clear vision where monitoring needs are required. Also popular with Architects. BSEN 1722 Part 14 Cat 1 and 2.

Twin Guard
An excellent durable panel system with increased protection against cut through. For use in schools, commercial outlets and industrial sites. Twin Guard is a great fencing solution for sports grounds as it satisfys the need for a secure perimeter fence with ball rebound capabilities.

Secure Guard+
High security fencing providing excellent protection against vandalism and intrusion. Secure Guard+ is available in various heights. Powder coated to any RAL colour ensuring a highly durable product that blends in with your surroundings without seeming out of place.

Secure Guard 358 Mesh
The strongest welded mesh fencing system providing visibility and protection against intrusion and vandalism.
The fine mesh makes it difficult to climb as intruders can not fit hands or feet into the fencing. Mesh 358 is available in heights of up to 5.2 meters, thus making it ideal for prison or airport fencing where the need for height is a must. Barbed wire can be applied to this type of fencing using brackets working as a visual deterrent to intruders.

Fast Guard Mesh
Protecting against climbing, cut-through and a robust demarcation to deter against intrusion and vandalism.
Can also be reffered to as Chainlink Fencing, designed to suit a smaller budget as it is low in cost and quick to install.

Mesh Fencing Applications


More Information on Mesh Fencing

Mesh Fencing Specification

Why Choose Mesh Fencing?

Mesh Fencing is a well proven popular and versatile choice of boundary marker or permanent secure fixture offering benefits where both aesthetically and clear visibility are required to monitor perimeters. Our Fencing panels are constructed with galvanised steel offering a long lasting protection against erosion and rust. Highly suitable for School Fencing, Sports Ground Mesh Fencing, Low to High Security Mesh Fencing and Construction Site security fencing requirements.

On a Budget?

We provide a variety of affordable Mesh Fencing systems to suit a restricted budget. We can also supply temporary Mesh Fencing solutions in situations where the fencing is required for a short period of time.
A budget mesh fence may not have the thickness of bar as other types of mesh, however, this sacrifice provides a mesh fence that can fit a smaller budget for low security requirements. Our team can advise you on a suitable type of fencing for your property by discussing the location, requirements and ground conditions. Get in touch now!

Secure Mesh Fencing

Steel Fencing (Gates & Railings) Ltd offer a range of high security Mesh Fencing solutions providing excellent protection against climbing, vandalism and unwanted intrusion to your property.

Security Mesh Fencing can be divided into three sub categories according to the relativity and security level required. There are a range of products available to suit every budget and location.


Using this type of fencing to create a boundary line around a property, indicates and makes the statement that the land is not public usage. For separation requirements ie. in parks where a "No dogs" zone is required, this type of fencing outlines the boundary without minimalising vision and light.


In majority of cases Mesh Fencing works as a deterrent to trespassers indicating that entrance to the property is intended at the proper access point and only by authorised individuals. As a well known fact that Mesh is a difficult type of fence to cut through in order to gain access, works as a deterrent to thieves and opportunists.


Specifically designed to delay intrusion for as long as possible to allow intervention. This type of fencing is suited to properties where vulnerable individuals may be housed and the need for their safety is a high priority.

We offer a no obligation FREE Quotation to all. So if you are interested in any of our Mesh Fencing products or require any assistance in choosing a Mesh Fencing product please contact us where we are more than happy to help.

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